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burkert 在线式涡轮流量计8036
burkert 在线式涡轮流量计8036
  • 质量稳定:实行全过程质量监控,细致入微,全方位检测!
  • 价格合理:高效内部成本控制,减少了开支,让利于客户!
  • 交货快捷:先进生产流水线,充足的备货,缩短了交货期!





紧凑型传送器 8036 特别适合不含固体的液体,其用途非常广泛(水、废水监控、化学处理...)。传送器由一个紧凑型 INLINE 接头 (S030) 构成,装配有一个叶轮式传感器和一个带盖的电子设备外壳,利用一个卡口接头可以快速、简单地将传感器与外壳相连。该产品由电子设备模块 (SE36) 和可拆除的指示器构成。设备也可在没有指示器的情况下工作,但为了对传送器进行编程(即数据参数化、标准参数复位、对在读取运行时应该输出的信息进行编程、访问代码、电流输出特性等),同时对测得的和处理的数据进行持续观察,要求存在指示器。8036 型设备的可用部件有:- 2 个可编程的输出端:一个晶体管输出端 (NPN) 和一个 4-20-mA 电流输出端(双线)- 3 个可编程的输出端:两个晶体管输出端 (NPN/PNP) 和一个 4-20-mA 电流输出端(双线)- 4 个可编程的输出端:两个晶体管输出端 (NPN/PNP) 和两个 4-20-mA 电流输出端(三线)8036 型设备能够转换测量信号,以不同尺寸单位显示不同数值(如果已插上显示模块)并计算通过一个或两个 M12 插拔连接器传输的输出信号。传送器具有一个或两个晶体管输出端,能够接通一个电子阀、激活一个警报并借助于一个或两个电流输出端 4-20 mA 建立一个或两个调节回路。

1)DN06 至 DN65 过程接口
2)可编程的输出端:1 或 2 个晶体管输出端以及 1 或 2 个电流输出端 4-20 mA
4)通过 TEACH-IN 自动校准,检查所有无流量输出端

Type Description

The Bürkert transmitter Type 8036 is a compact device, specially designed for measuring the flow rate in solid-free liquids, in a variety of applications (water, waste water monitoring, chemical processing...).The transmitter is made up of a compact INLINE fitting equipped of a sensor with paddle-wheel and an enclosure with cover, containing the electronic module. A removable display completes this transmitter. This ensemble (SE36) is quickly and easily connected to the fitting (S030) by a Quarter-Turn. The flow transmitter can operate without the display, but it will be required for programming the transmitter (i.e. set parameters, restore default parameters, programme information to be displayed, programme access codes, adjust 4-20 mA output(s) ...) and also for visualizing continuously the measured and processed data. The device Type 8036 is available with: - 2 programmable outputs : one transistor output (NPN) and one 4-20 mA current output (2-wire) - 3 programmable outputs : two transistor outputs (NPN/PNP) and one 4-20 mA current output (2-wire)- 4 programmable outputs: two transistor outputs (NPN/PNP) and two 4-20 mA current outputs (3-wire) The device Type 8036 converts the measured signal, displays different values in different units (if display mounted) and computes the output signals, which are provided via one or two M12 fixed connectors. Thanks to 1 or 2 transistor outputs, the transmitter can be used to switch a solenoid valve, activate an alarm and, thanks to 1 or 2 current outputs, establish one or two control loops.

1)DN06 to DN65 fluidic process connection
2)Programmable outputs : one or two transistor output(s) and single or dual 4-20 mA current output(s)
3)Removable backlit display of flow and/or two totalized volumes
4)Automatic-calibration: TEACH-IN, simulation of outputs signals provided without the need for real flow

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