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00225358 burkert订货号2702型调节阀-口径DN15
来源:http://burkertfluid.cn2016-11-6 9:57:30

00225358 burkert订货号2702型调节阀-口径DN15 参数如下:2702-A2-15,0-SS-VA-SA42-C-F-N1-0000*

Type 2702 - Pneumatically operated 2-way Angle Seat Control Valve

Type Description

The 2702 Control Valve consists of an 316L angle seat body with a rugged pneumatic piston actuator. The parabolic trim results in a fl ow characteristic approximately 35% larger than conventional control valves. It is available in either stainless steel on stainless steel or with a durable PTFE seal for tight shut-off. Type 2702 can be actuated by the Continuous TopControl Type 8692/8693/8694 or SideControl Type 8635 and 8792/93. TopControl/Side-Control thus forms a mechanical and functional unit with the pneumatic actuator as a complete control valve system. This system has been engineered for reliable accurate control in applications where high fl ow rate is an advantage.

1)Excellent control characteristics and high flow rates
2)Long service life
3)Robust actuators with modular accessory program
4)Stainless steel housing with thread and weld end connections



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